Sunday, April 26, 2009

Final Thoughts on Play Retreat

It was an adventure for me to make myself step out of my little comfort zone. I was kinda anxious, especially when I saw how great everybody else's stuff seemed to look compared to mine, but overall, I think it was a good experience.

Theesha and Tracy Moore were absolutely great in organizing this retreat and making it a success.

Now I wish I had the means to attend the upcoming October retreat.

Portraits, 02-02-09

Portraits, 02-02-09

Portraits, 02-02-09

Portraits, 02-02-09

Portraits, 02-02-09

Portraits, 02-02-09

During the closing "Sharing Time," while everyone was sharing their wonderful artwork, I quickly drew little sketch portraits of everyone. They aren't all perfect, but, still, 43 portraits in one hour isn't bad at all!

Sketching Tips Session

Tracy, Teesha, Tiphony Moore and Theo Elssworth gave some pointers about sketching to the group.

Thai Restaurant in Port Townsend, 01-31-09

I went to eat in at "123 Thai Food" very busy take-out/dine-in restaurant in Port Townsend.
The "quiet" seating was in the back of the restaurant, between the prep kitchen and some large refrigerator units, and it was pretty cool to observe everything going on in the front without being caught in the middle of it.

Theo Ellsworth

I did a sketch of Theo Ellsworth. His illustration's are pretty amazing.

The Beach at Fort Worden, 01-31-09

I did some sketches.

The Beach at Fort Worden, 01-31-09

We went to the beach to look at stuff, to draw, or to just hang around.

Group Photo, 01-31-09

This is a photo of all of us, save Tracy Moore who was behind the camera.

Teesha Moore Art Demonstration, 01-30-09

Teesha shares her methods for Art Journaling.

The Officer's Houses

The Officer's Houses date back to the early 1900s but are in fact large and roomy Victorian-style duplexes. We stayed in the right part of the house. Despite the humdrum putty-colored paint throughout, this is so totally my style of building...